James Moon

Name James Moon
Title President & CEO
Office (416) 613-1530
Mobile (416) 816-7204
E-mail jmoon@allgroup.ca
Toll Free 1-866-525-5477
Fax (416) 640-4751
Website www.allgroup.ca
With over 22 years of industry experience, James is thoroughly acquainted with both the institutional and retail sectors of the securities industry. James has gained valuable experience in most aspects of the investment industry overseas and as an investment advisor with TD Evergreen and as an owner of Standard Securities Capital.Many of the innovations in All Group’s business model are the result of the investment practices of James, and the glaring inadequacies of current investment practices. Intent on constructing a wealth management model that would serve the interests of both the client and investment advisor while satisfying regulators, he gradually developed the principles underlying All Group.