About All Group

All Group Financial Services Inc. (“All Group”) is a leading Canadian independent investment dealer focused on serving both retail and institutional clients. Since 2008, All Group has been a member of the Investment Regulatory Organization of Canada (“IIROC”) and the Canadian Investor Protection Funds (“CIPF”).   CIPF is a protection fund set up to return assets held in an account at a CIPF member firm if the member is unable to return the assets due to insolvency.   As a customer of a CIPF Member, investors are eligible for up to $1 million of coverage in Canadian funds. 

 Our core strategy involves making an early commitment to building strong personal relationships with our clients, both issuers and investors, and devoting the financial and human resources necessary to ensure that our clients benefit from our ability to execute transactions effectively and consistently, with superior trading support and advisory services.  We believe that this commitment to our clients has been an important element of our success and has established a strong foundation for our future growth.

 As a Type 2 Introducing Broker, All Group performs trade execution, clearing and custody through our carrying broker, Fidelity Clearing Canada ULC (“Fidelity”), which is part of National Financial, the U.S.-based clearing arm of Fidelity Investments.  Fidelity offers comprehensive back-office support to All Group as well as a brand that is synonymous with a high-quality client experience.  The technology offered by Fidelity to its introducing brokers allows All Group to seamlessly integrate its back office functionalities with Fidelity so that All Group can focus on increasing profitability and continuing to grow the business with confidence in our back office systems. 

 All Group engages primarily in sales and trading and investment banking activities, with over 20 employees at our head office in Toronto and a large network of external professionals.   


Equity Sales & Trading 

Our equity sales and trading team consists of 15 Investment Advisors.  We earn equity sales and trading revenues primarily from buying and selling securities as an agent on behalf of retail and institutional clients.  Common types of securities traded include equities, debt instruments, options, mutual funds and other fixed income products.  Clients of our sales and trading business include both retail and institutional investors. 


Investment Banking Services

 Our investment banking team focusses on providing corporate finance services which include raising funds for both public and private business in the form of equity, debt and other such securities.  All Group has successfully acted as the lead agent and syndicate member for several public and private corporate finance deals.  Since 2010, we have participated in approximately 140 financings for which All Group has raised over $40 million.  Our large network of accredited investors assists us in well positioning ourselves for participation in a large number of private placements. 

 Many larger financial institutions focus on participating in financings for more mature companies.  All Group focusses on capturing the underserved smaller company market which sometimes may fall outside of the parameters of the banks.  By engaging in meaningful business relationships with growth companies early during their development, All Group is able to build a strong business relationship with the issuer which is leveraged for initial financings, future follow on offerings and providing initial public offering services.  The successful completion of such financings has allowed us to further develop our corporate finance division and increase our presence in the equity underwriting business.

 Our experienced investment banking team also provides corporate advisory services on a wide variety of transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, restructure and reorganizations.  These services include the completion of due diligence analysis, the preparation of financial information and forecasting and the issuance of professional opinions to be used by the board of directors of our clients.


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